Coronavirus Updates Erode: Doctor Become Corona Patient in Erode

Coronavirus Updates Erode: Doctor Become Corona Patient in Erode

A woman doctor who examined the corona patient at Erode railway hospital and three of her family members have been confirmed to have coronavirus.

A 29-year-old female doctor who treated a Thailand patient with coronavirus ten days ago at Erode Hospital has been infected.

Four people have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease from the woman's doctor to her ten-month-old baby, mother and female assistant.

In foreign lands in Tamil Nadu, the first confirmation of the presence of Korono to foreigners. The infection has spread to their family members.

Erode Railway Hospital closed after female coroner confirmed coronation. The woman was admitted to the Botanur Hospital on March 23 last year due to a transfer. But no one is being treated there. Because he had a high fever. Subsequently the Botanur railway hospital was closed and the antiseptic was sprayed.

Coronation for 17 persons in one day: increase in Erode, Chennai!

57,734 are being isolated and monitored in Erode district. 57,734 people from 16,456 families were isolated.

So far, 67 people have been confirmed to have corona in Tamil Nadu. One is dead. Five people have recovered and returned home.

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