Instagram Stories Tricks 2020: The Complete Guide To Using Instagram Stories 2020

Instagram Stories Tricks 2020: The Complete Guide To Using Instagram Stories 2020

How to use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed — and all Instagram accounts will be able to share stories, from your best friends to your favorite popular accounts. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it.

To view someone’s story, you simply need to tap on their profile photo, and their story will appear full-screen, showing you all of the content they’ve posted in the last 24hrs, the content will play in chronological order from oldest to newest.

Once you’re viewing a story, you can tap to go back and forward or swipe to jump to another person’s story. Unlike regular posts, there are no likes or public comments.

How to post Instagram Stories

To create a story on Instagram, you have to tap the camera icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen, or you can reveal the story camera by simply swiping left.Once the story camera is open you can take a photo or record a video, just as you would normally on Instagram. After you’ve recorded your video or taken a photo, you can use a range of filters and also add text and drawings to your content.

Pro-Tip: How to add content from your Camera Roll

There’s a cool Instagram stories feature that allows you to upload content created within the last 24hrs from your smartphone camera roll. To do this, simply swipe up on the stories camera, and you’ll see the latest content from your camera roll appear at the bottom of your screen. From here, simply select the content you’d like to add to your story.

How to use Instagram Stories stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are super versatile and enable you to add extra context to your Instagram Stories content.

  • To add stickers to your story, take a photo or video and then tap the Stickers button (a smiley face in the top right of the screen) to find customizable stickers for weather, the current time, location and more.
  • Resizing and moving stickers: You can move stickers by dragging them across your screen and resize them by pinching or expanding it with two fingers.

How to add a location sticker 

To add your location to your Instagram Stories posts, tap the Stickers button and then select the ‘Location’ option.

  • You’ll now be presented with a list of nearby locations and a search bar to help you filter and find the right location:
  • Next, simply tap the location you want to add and it’ll be added to your stories post. Once the location is on your stories screen you can tap it to change the color of the sticker.

How to add a hashtag sticker

You can add a hashtag to your Instagram story by tapping the hashtag sticker. Once selected, you’ll be prompted to write your hashtag:

How to add a poll sticker

Instagram Stories also a neat interactive poll sticker that lets you ask a question and see results from your friends and followers as they vote.

After you’ve taken a photo or video for your story, open up the Stickers menu and select the “poll” sticker.

Once you’ve tapped the “poll” sticker, Instagram will prompt you to write a question and customize the poll choices. After you’ve created your poll, post your story and your followers will be able to vote right away.

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