PUBG Mobile for Windows Laptops and Desktop 2020

PUBG Mobile for Windows Laptops and Desktop 2020

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Quench your thirst for action
PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is probably one of the biggest and most popular battle royale games. It is easy to get addicted to it, especially with its action-packed and unpredictable gameplay. The game will pit 100 players against each other. Marooned on an island that is littered with weapons and other unconventional items for defense, not to mention with other competitive players to look out for, PUBG Mobile is easily a fan favorite.

Survival of the fittest
At the start of the round, a plane will drop all participating players on an island, where the only way out is to either get eliminated or become the sole survivor. You’ve got to admit that winning against so many players seems almost impossible. If you are a newbie in the battlefield, you are most likely at a disadvantage simply for not knowing what’s in store for you yet. PUBG’s maps are vast and filled with terrains that can either be used strategically for defense or can make you vulnerable to attacks. Abandoned buildings, houses, warehouses, and factories are also all over the place. Weapons are scattered in different areas, as well as wearable armor and gears that could lessen the damage and impact of enemy attacks.

Getting to know and used to these things will be a little challenging, especially with PUBG’s fast-paced action. The rules and mechanics of the game are pretty simple if you are going to look at it at face value. Attack, defeat, and survive. However, there are more threats to your life than you think you are aware of. Your enemies can always one-up you with snipers, silencers, unconventional disguises, and even monster trucks! There is also the shrinking safe-zone that will leave you dead if you are caught outside of it. With this comes the fact that the playing field gets smaller as the minutes go by, forcing you to face other players eventually, so there is no use hiding and staying on one spot unless it is conveniently located in the safe zone. Lucky you! It is not bad to go all out on your attacks, but if you want to be the last man standing, you will have to strategize and plan your movements. Let us tell you that PUBG is fun, addicting, and incredibly challenging. It will not be that easy to win but when you do, it is totally worth it.

Bring the action to your computer
It is only right that players should be able to enjoy PUBG in every platform accessible to them, and Tencent Games thinks so too! In response to that, Tencent introduces an emulator that would allow PUBG fans to play the game on Windows. To make things better, other action games can also be played using the Tencent emulator, like Mobile Legends and Auto Chess. You would not be missing out on any of PUBG updates and events, even when you are far away from your mobile device. To make things better, you will be able to enjoy the game with a wider and bigger screen! Controls are also made simple and easy to learn so you would not have a hard time adjusting to them.

It’s the top survival game for a reason
PUBG has a lot of things to offer. More than action and excitement, it also lets itself be creative so players will not be bored. The other game modes even include zombie attacks where you will have to defend yourself against both the living and the dead. PUBG will have you at the edge of your seat, but victory’s never felt this good until you have experience winning against a hundred other players.


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