A 25% pay rise for home-based employees?

A 25% pay rise for home-based employees?

With coronavirus outbreaks increasing in India day by day, all people are left homeless. Many companies have advised employees of IT companies to work from home. Popular company has announced that it will offer an additional 25 per cent salary to promote Indian employees.

Companies in many countries around the world have advised their employees to work from home due to the corona virus. Bryan Humphreys, Chief Executive Director of Cognizant, has announced a new notification for employees to encourage employees to work from home.

25 per cent extra salary

In the face of this embarrassment, associates of Associates and Subordinates, who continue to work in India and the Philippines, will continue to provide services, he said. This additional bonus will be paid in addition to the April salary.

1.35 lakh employees pay higher salaries

Cognizant, headquartered in New Jersey, employs 2,03,700 in India alone. More than 1.35 lakh employees are co-workers. It has been confirmed that all of them will receive an additional 25 percent increase in salary in April.

This decision by Cognizant is somewhat comforting for employees, given the economic impact of the corona virus. Economists have also suggested that working at home will definitely inspire them.

Continue to provide essential services to our customers, ”said Brian Humphries. Other company employees feel that all employees will be happy if other companies make the same effort.

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