Airtel Announces A Free Offer Again CuriosityStream Channel For Free

Airtel Announces A Free Offer Again CuriosityStream Channel For Free

Airtel continues to offer special offers to its customers. Accordingly, Airtel has now announced that its digital TV users will be getting premium content from Curiosity Stream for the first time.

This means that CuriosityStream is a site full of documentaries and series. It must be said that this announcement will definitely be useful to different people.

And it must be said that this announcement takes the partnership between Airtel and CuriosityStream, which began in November last year.

Based on the information revealed, CuriosityStream TV channel will be exclusive to Airtel, in particular Airtel Digital TV subscribers are free of charge at no extra cost.

The CuriosityStream helps visitors explore their interests and discover new things, including thousands of films and series, art, travel, architecture, history, and more.

It is also reported that the channel will come with a full library of CuriosityStream, including popular titles such as Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places and Big Gates Ace.

More than 16.5 million customers of this Airtel digital TV will be able to access this free channel through channel number 419 in their set-top box. CuriosityStream was first launched on Airtel's Xstream App and website. So CuriosityStream service and Airtel both strengthen their niche via Airtel Digital TV following the reception of CuriosityStream at both sites.

Some of the topics that are now available on the CuriosityStream TV channel are 'Breakthrough', a series about the Corona virus, Butterfly Effect, Gandhi-the Force of Willpower, David Attenborough's Light on Earth and Asia's Monarchies

Founder of Discovery Channel, John S.

This is called CuriosityStream, the founder of Discovery Channel. Hendrix is ​​a streaming service launched. The fact that it was first released in 2015 as an exclusive fiction and original content streaming site.

Recently, Airtel has announced an announcement for its customers. Airtel has currently extended the prepaid pack validity period of Airtel's 80 million customers. This extension is valid till April 17, 2020, as per the order of Bharti Airtel.

Airtel also announced that its customers will be offered a free recharge of Rs. It has been announced that users who are not recharged can reuse their service using this incentive. Customers are thrilled as Airtel has again announced the Curiosity announcement....

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