Do you know what stage of vaccine research for coronavirus is? The definitive message the scientist said

Do you know what stage of vaccine research for coronavirus is? The definitive message the scientist said

One of the things the world is looking forward to in today's environment is the vaccine for the corona virus. Researchers around the world are working on developing a coronavirus vaccine. This is because the COVID-19 coronavirus is raging all over the world.

The need to find a vaccine is increasing day by day. Researchers have expressed regret that the vaccine was detected but there was not enough time to test it. Scientists fear that a completely untested vaccine can have many side effects. This post contains information on coronavirus vaccine diagnostic research.

The vaccine has advanced to animal testing in the United States, and as soon as we make sure it is safe and effective, it will progress to human trials, ”said Professor Petrovsky, who is trying to find the vaccine.

When the gene sequence of COVID-19 became available in January, they used it immediately, in conjunction with their previous experience developing the SARS coronavirus vaccine, to identify the main viral linkage molecule known as the spike protein. We used computer models of the Spike protein and its human receptor, ACE2, to identify how the virus affects human cells, and then we were able to design a vaccine to block this process. He has said that.

It is still being researched. Coronavirus is closely related to the SARS virus, and functions similarly. The mortality rate of the SARS virus was 10%. The coronavirus mortality rate is 1–3%, while still undetected. This makes it even more dangerous because it kills one in 30 humans.

The unique feature of the coronavirus is its ability to spread rapidly from human to human, and to the person carrying it, even when there are no symptoms. These properties are very dangerous and can be difficult to control.

Research on coronavirus has been ongoing for the past 3 months. That is why, with many countries already conducting research on the SARS and MERS virus, doctors say that it is possible to find a vaccine for the coronavirus associated with the SARS virus system.

Most people doubt whether the vaccine on humans has begun. Testing for humans began in the United States, another highly experimental RNA-based system. They only achieved this by completely avoiding the animal's performance test, which is a very dangerous step. There is also a clinical trial of live virus vaccine in China. No human tests have been carried out in Australia so far.

Until you find the right vaccine, the only way to beat the virus is to avoid intimate physical contact with others and practice social isolation, and be very careful to wash your hands before eating or touching your face. Get vaccinated soon.

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