Here's an easy way to make Gold Facial at home without spending a penny…!

Here's an easy way to make Gold Facial at home without spending a penny…!

Women of this age will not only forget what they are doing monthly but also going to the beauty parlor monthly. Heyyyyy, have you heard any woman saying that she forgot to go to the parlor this month? Not by chance. This is the generation of women who forget to eat but do not forget to make up. In this context, the country is on the curve due to the risk of coronavirus infection. There are plenty of women who are wondering what to do when they go out and not open the parlor.

Maintaining beauty for a woman is the most important job. It can even be said that a woman's external beauty gives them some sort of self-confidence. Even today's environment has contributed to this. If the skin is not maintained, it will definitely cause skin damage. So, women can't be wrong. Not even should. Well, there is a curfew. At this point it is understandable to ask what to do.

Monthly, thousands of money is spent on everything from National to Medicare to Personal Care. Now we are teaching you to make a little more expensive Gold National without spending a penny at home. If you only do this once, you will be home for a lifetime.

When we go to the parlor, others will be nice to us. But now it's impossible to go out. So, as you can tell, the darkening of your face can be like a golden glowing skin at home.

Here are 4 steps to make a Gold National. All the items given here are homemade items. There is no need to go out for this. Come on, let's see how to make Gold National at home ...

Step 1: Cleansing the face


* Milk - 4 tablespoons


* Dissolve green milk in a sponge and rub it on the face.

* Then, wipe your face with a damp handkerchief or tissue paper.

Step 2: Face Scrub


* Lemon Juice - 1 tablespoon

* Sugar - 1 tablespoon

* Honey


* Mix together all the above ingredients in a clean bowl.

* Now scrub ready. Apply it on your face and rub it lightly.

* After that, wipe your face with water and lint.
If followed for 15 days, the face will shine bright and smooth. By doing it once, you will feel the difference in yourself. Moreover, the money paid in the parlor is no longer a remnant. It would be nice to try something like this during the curfew.

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