How long does Corona live on smartphone? - Study results

How long does Corona live on smartphone? - Study results

Information about how many days the virus will live on smart phones that are currently on the third hand.

The virus is named Covid19

The virus, which was reported to have spread from animals in December last year in China's Wuhan province, has been named as Kovit19. With the virus spreading rapidly in China, the world's nations began to warn.

The virus does not currently have a drug

Following this, the coronavirus began to spread throughout the world. The virus is currently threatening the world as a result of the drug's inability to prevent death. Similarly, various countries of the world are advising their people to stay at home.

24 thousand people have died

Coronavirus has been found in more than 190 countries around the world. About 5 million 31 thousand people are infected with the virus. About 24 thousand people have died.

1 lakh 24 thousand people have been healed

Similarly, 1 million 24 thousand people infected with the coronavirus virus have recovered. Corona has more casualties in Italy than China. Moreover, with the corona-formed China virtually restricting its vigor, the number of new casualties is increasing daily in countries including Italy, Spain, France and the United States.

Curfew for 21 days

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered a curfew for 21 days till April 14. The public is also stagnant at home.

They are unable to enjoy themselves

This is because the public is in a state of stagnation and the youth are unable to entertain their children as adults. When you spend time watching TV, the cell phone is like the third hand in the body.

Everybody needs to change their cell phone

At first they used the cell phone for pastime, and now they have begun to complain that the war is using the cell phone. Data is also important for this. Similarly, everyone has to turn their cell phone to watch video while talking on the phone.

How many days can the virus survive?

It has been reported that the number of people living with the virus in their cell phone will survive. A 2003 survey by the World Health Center found that 96-hour survival of the Saar-Gov virus class in 2003 was four days.

72 hours of life

Similarly, heavy plastic and stainless steel products with a lifetime of 72 hours are excluded. Similarly, a study conducted on behalf of the National Center for Health in terms of how many days the coronavirus lives today has found that coronavirus can survive for 72 hours on steel and hard plastic.

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Perishable by hot tide

Likewise, the coronavirus virus has been reported to be extinct by the heat. Nitiscans have been teased for research reports that a few cell phones are hot enough to kill viruses.

Everything should be cleaned and used

All are asked to be cleaned and used for 24 hours on cardboard, 4 hours on brass, 96 hours on glass panels like smartwatch, tablet or laptop.

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