How To Fix Android Voice Call Problems

How To Fix Android Voice Call Problems

Smartphones are often used to make calls and send short messages. Making calls on the Android operating system is a very simple thing. Just swiping the screen is enough. However, a network problem can cause repeated calls to receive calls. Here's how to fix the problem of not accepting calls made on Android smartphones.

The problem of not being able to accept calls

The best ways to fix the problem of not being able to accept calls on Android. This package contains tips on how to troubleshoot incoming calls on a smartphone.

Android phone

First you need to restart the Android smartphone. In some cases, restarting the smartphone can fix the problems. Thus, it is advisable to restore the Android smartphone before following the other steps. If restarting the problem is not correct, follow the steps.

Airplane Mode

In the event of an inability to accept calls due to network failure, the Airplane Mode can be turned on and off. When the Airplane Mode is turned off, all services including security, network, cellular data are disabled. Then after two minutes the airplane mode should be turned on again. Calls will run smoothly.

Check the calls

The manner in which the calls come in varies on every Android smartphone. Most Android devices can accept calls only by swiping up or down from the right or bottom. Some Android smartphones can accept calls by clicking the green button. You need to make sure you are swiping right when it comes to calls.

SIM card

If none of the above steps are effective, you can remove the SIM card and put it back. When the SIM card is switched off again, the network malfunction will be corrected. Remove the SIM card from the SIM tray and clean the drain and then put the SIM card back in the tray. Doing so will make it impossible to accept calls.

Phone App

Resetting the phone app will erase all data and cache in the processor. Once the cache files are cleared, the problem with the calls is fixed. We will continue to see how to reset the phone.

  1. First go to the settings of the smartphone
  2. Then you have to click on the Phone App option
  3. You have to choose the storage option
  4. Next, click on options including Clear Data and Clear Cache
  5. Restart the smartphone.
  6. You can no longer accept calls from an Android smartphone.

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