Nobel Prize Winner Shares A Good News About The Coronavirus

Nobel Prize Winner Shares A Good News About The Coronavirus

Corona virus has paralyzed the world. Even the most powerful nations of the world are unable to cope with the coronavirus, taking their own lives. Corona's impact in India is increasing day by day. With curfews across India, the corona virus is yet to reach its third stage.

Nobel Prize Winner Shares A Good News About The Coronavirus
As the world awaits the end of coronavirus, many countries around the world are engaged in intensive research to find a vaccine to prevent it. The Nobel Prize-winning scientist Michael Levitt has given the world a good message that the coronavirus is soon to end. In this post you can see her statement and Corona's decision.


The exact vaccine for controlling the corona virus has not yet been identified. Currently, sufferers use medications such as remediation, chloroquine, lobinavir, and ritonavir, depending on their immune response. Various world countries are spending nearly $ 800 million to find a vaccine. There are some other ways to get rid of this virus.

Viral mutation

No viruses can remain in a homogeneous system for long periods of time, and their genes are subject to changes. This is called viral mutation. This makes the virus vulnerable. The coronavirus also undergoes this transformation after some time. But it is still impossible to predict when.

Michael Levitt

US-British-Israeli biochemist Michael Levitt, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing complex models of chemical systems, said the coronavirus was soon to end. According to him, the spread of the disease is likely to stop gradually. This is how it is regulated in China, Levitt said.


Since January, Levitt has been seriously concerned about the coronavirus, which began to spread in December. Until he found out, the first thing to do was control the fear of the world's people, COVID-19. Moreover, Corona has urged the government to actively pursue isolation from the community in order to curb the spread.

Levitt's prediction

According to Levitt's prediction, there were 80,000 confirmed cases with about 3,250 deaths in China in February. His prediction was nearly correct with a total of 80,298 cases and 3,245 deaths in mid-February. Despite the outbreak of coronavirus in China, China has not seen any newly diagnosed patients since March 16.

Research by Levitt

After analyzing data from 78 countries with more than 50 new victims each day, Michael Levitt found some "signs of recovery." His main focus is not on the overall statistics, but on observing the number of new cases identified each day and the change in the number from one day to the next.

Interview with Levitt

In a recent interview with Levitt, he said the world was going to escape Corona soon. He said the number of infections is worrying but there are clear signs of slowing the disease. He also said that social exclusion and vaccination against influenza are both critical to controlling the spread. Levitt is worried that the media is spreading unnecessary panic.

Italy made a mistake

Levitt predicted that the greater the number of elderly people in Italy and their greater involvement in social life, the greater the loss. He said that it is difficult to isolate the Italians because the culture of Italy is fun and rich. He explained that Italy's strong anti-vaccination movement could be a factor in the high prevalence.

What to do?

Levitt said that the only way out now is to stay out of the community to escape and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, where the COVID-19 virus cannot be detected. He said that there is no other way to escape from isolation but to focus on boosting our immune system.

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