Sensex down 9,390 points! Purchased Sem ft 2019 - 20!

Sensex down 9,390 points! Purchased Sem ft 2019 - 20!

Sensex plunges 9,390 points in fiscal 2019-20 The Sensex started trading at 38,858 points on April 01, 2019.

The Sensex closed at 29,468 points this afternoon. In the 2019-20 financial year alone, the Sensex fell by 9,390 points.

SENSEX, which has been on the rise for some years now, has been bumped up this time.

The Sensex, which traded at 28,440 yesterday, traded at 29,294. It also hit a high of 29,770 points. However, the Sensex closed at 29,468 points at the end of trading hours. From yesterday's closing, today's closing point is 29,468 points, up 1,028 points.

Among 30 Sensex stocks, 26 stocks traded or 04 stocks declined. About 2,452 shares traded on BSE. About 1,522 stocks traded, 773 stocks declined while 157 stocks closed unchanged.

Starting today, March 31, 2020, London's FTSE traded up 0.73%. Germany's DAX is trading at 0.41%. But France's CAC only trades at 0.15%.

Today, March 31, 2020, most of Asia's markets were trading up. Thailand's SET Composite was trading at a high of 3.50%. Japan's Nikkei fell 0.88% to trade at a low. So much so that the world markets were trading all the way up.

The Indian Rupee is priced at Rs 76 per US dollar, but the Indian Rupee is well over 75 rupees. The Indian rupee is currently trading at 75.62 rupees against the US dollar. The price of a barrel front crude oil is trading at around $ 27.70.

Shares such as Bajaj Finance, Reliance, HDFC, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank were trading higher. Shares such as Bharat Petroleum, Britannia, Reliance, Gail and ITC traded lower.

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