#Sensex launches new financial year by 800 points

#Sensex launches new financial year by 800 points

This is a brand new financial year. Fiscal year 2019 - 20 ended yesterday, and today 2020 - 21, the financial year begins.

Generally, this fiscal year is celebrated by merchants, bankers & those in the financial sector.

But today, April 1, 2020, most people are unable to celebrate. The reason is Corona. Is the stock market right?


And even in the stock markets, this new fiscal year will reflect the sentiment periodically. But it is sad that this does not echo today. The Sensex is currently trading around 800 points down. New Fiscal Year begins 800 points down

What's the situation?

Yesterday, the Sensex closed at 29,468. The Sensex was trading at 29,505 points this morning. Despite trading in Cape Up, it started to slide and touched at least 28,646 points today. It is currently trading at a decline of about 800 points to touch 28,670 points.


Yesterday, the Nifty closed at 8,597. Nifty started trading at 8,584 this morning and is currently trading at 8,398 points. So Nifty traded 198 points lower.


Out of 30 Sensex stocks, 4 stocks traded or 26 stocks declined. About 1,533 shares traded on BSE. About 837 shares traded, 618 stocks traded, and 78 stocks are unchanged. This role shows what the battlefield is today

Share price situation

Stocks like IndusInd Bank, Gail, G Entertainment, Cipla and Maruth Suzuki are trading higher. Shares such as Kotak Mahindra Adani Ports, Bharat Petroleum, SBI and Infosys are trading at a lower price.

World markets

Yesterday, March 31, 2020, the US Nasdaq closed at 0.95% lower. London's FTSE traded up 1.95%. The French CAC stock exchange traded up 0.40% while Germany's DAX traded up 1.22%. World markets are beginning to emit some degree of corona panic.

Asian markets

But the Asian markets are now trading at a slump against the European markets. Only the Jakarta Composite of Indonesia and the Shanghai Composite of China are trading at a modest pace. So Indian markets are likely to fall as usual.

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