Tuberculosis and Corona - Do you know what the similarity is?

Tuberculosis and Corona - Do you know what the similarity is?

CMAO, HCFI and past IMA President Dr KK Agarwal said, “Today, the global focus is shifting towards Kovit-19, as other diseases like tuberculosis They get the risk of being pushed back. ” Tuberculosis should be expelled from the world by 2030.

The only signs

Kovit-19 shows one way to control tuberculosis. Agarwal notes that the main way to eradicate tuberculosis is to prevent it. Both coronavirus and tuberculosis have the same symptoms as cough, fever and wheezing. So cough sufferers should not be ignored.

World Health Organization's Recommendations on Tuberculosis

The World Health Organization recommends that every person with respiratory symptoms be tested for both coronavirus and tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an airborne infection.

Tuberculosis is an epidemic

The presence of tuberculosis victims in the open air increases the likelihood of tuberculosis spreading to neighbors. The risk of spreading the disease is particularly high in congested areas. This disease can strike anyone.

Doctor Agarwal says prevention is essential to prevent the spread of the disease. Protective measures such as basic infection prevention and control, hand hygiene, and cough supplements are common to both conditions. Getting close to people with tuberculosis is very dangerous.

People with tuberculosis, like the corona, should be treated in isolation. People with HIV, other patients with low immunity, or people living in a crowded area may be at increased risk. These same people are at greater risk of coronary attacks. If they suffer from these conditions, there is a risk of developing serious illness.

Finding patients with tuberculosis will reduce its prevalence. This may reduce the number of people infected with TB. All tuberculosis sufferers, especially those with severe tuberculosis and drug-resistant TB, should be isolated for 14 days.

Every person affected by tuberculosis should be marked and treated appropriately. Awareness of tuberculosis, like coronavirus, should be advocated from the grassroots level. Prevention of coronavirus social exclusion may impede the treatment of tuberculosis. The Government must ensure that no anti-tuberculosis treatment is effective. Tuberculosis is a treatable disease. But any disruption in treatment can cause drug-resistant tuberculosis.

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