50 + Motivational Quotes Part 1 | Jayasurya Mayilsamy

50 + Motivational Quotes Part 1 | Jayasurya Mayilsamy

That everyone is traveling
Neither do you
The path for you
Select Your ...

How many hands
Even if it pushed me
My hope
Don't give up on me

Called the dark life
Don't worry
Dreams 💭 Sprouting is in the dark

Burn doubts and hope
Happiness is automatic
Blossom ...

Because you are light
No worries about darkness ...

Despite the facilities to fly
Learn to be on the ground ...
Sorry for the loss of wings ...

When we humiliate ourselves
Life hates that moment
Just from the next moment
Our life begins ...

Suffering is enough to overwhelm us
We will be clear of cloudy skies ...

After a solitary struggle
There is no escape from arrogance

Always my
Leave for anyone
Will not give

Learn to admire thorns
Aches and pains ...

Compare with the next
Do not humble yourself
The Best in the World for You ...

Have tried many times
If you fail
Your goal is wrong
Select the right target ..

Once the pain has been overcome
That's an achievement ...

you can
Believe that ...
In all that tries
Success ...

Any situation
May resist
Self-confidence and bravery
If you are ......

Even if the mark fails
Try yours
For the next success
Training ......

one day
The dawn of time is coming
In the hope of
Everybody's life
For nakarntukkontir ...

If failure chases you
You have success
Run towards

As long as you find ...

Than those who know everything
I'm trying to be able to
Life is about winning ...

We have ourselves
Saying comfort
Mental courage
If you have
Let’s all pass…

Try as much as possible
Not until you can
What you thought
Till the end ...

Forget fame
Do not forget the insults you have
That was another time
You will save yourself from shame

Do not lose self-confidence
It can be difficult today
Tomorrow may be the worst day ever
But tomorrow's reunion will definitely be bright ...

Be confident
Try as much as you can
If only success
The possibility ...

Kicking off everyone
Don't be soccer
If you throw in the wall
Back to the face
Beat ...

Inferiority in thoughts
From attitude to talent
Don’t get banned….
Mantiramay ....

All those who have achieved great achievements,
The losers are many overcrowded ...

Although standing alone
With his ...
Serious travel
For comfort ....

That's the problem for me
Never say never
If the problem is
Fear and anxiety come and go
A challenge for me
Look at that
Courage and confidence
Will come automatically ...

When creepy
Remember ...
There ...
Will mean ...
even this will pass

Every day
Victory journey
That's just getting started
Take the first step

More than the winning time
We are having fun
Time to live
We get
Great success

Search for needs,
The effort for change,
Tactics for Life,
Only by yourself
Can create ...

There is no enemy
If the
You still
Towards the goal
Not're on the go
That means

If there is experience
Just can do
Is all
Does not apply to dry
First and foremost
Involved ...

The key to trust
Tanna (Th) mpikkaiye

If the mind is firm
As the rising tower ...

The attempt failed
Of training done
The value does not decrease

If I fall, arise
To be confident
No one should be trusted
The ladder of life ...

Opportunities ourselves
Although passing
With continued effort
If followed
Looking back
As we wanted ...

Believe in yourself
One day hike sure ...!

Sweat dropper
Success will come
Very soon
(Labor - promotion)

Can not
Don't give up ...!
Niccayammutiyum ...

All that was lost
Hope to recover
If ilakkatirunt

Make the smile bloom
In confidence

Keep trying
Stay tuned
Even a day of failure
Ours will be lost

Reverse the age
Living with zeal
Each of the elderly
Self confident heroes of the house ...!

Despite everything
Not so
Although nothing
There are some people

Our problems
We resolve ourselves
Manners and confidence
Still increasing

Everything is our time
Everything is our time
As the saying goes
There is

Single thread
If correct
The degree of success
At our disposal

Stories forever
Don't read from it
You have information
Only available
Stories of failure
Always read
It's you
To succeed
Giving new thoughts

When appearing
The sky is beautiful
When appearing
Life is beautiful

That occurred today
For upsets
Don't regret it
That's it
In the future for you
Bearing anything
Strong heartMark
Is going to provide
Go bold
Beat with bravery
Leave life

In appearance
Don't worry though
Definitely one day
You will win
The determination of the mind
Keep Only
Dreams come true
The time will come

Talent and confidence
If you have
Of course in life
Can win

One day at dawn
Without waiting for that
Today is possible
And hardships
Can become successes

Fly alone
If the sprouts germinate
That alone is not enough
Self-confidence in the mind
Courage must also sprout

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