# Part 2 Motivational Quotes | Jayasurya Mayilsamy

# Part 2 Motivational Quotes | Jayasurya Mayilsamy

In our minds
To pronounce
I can

Every second
In your life
Strive for success
In that success
Only the suffering of others
Shouldn't be
Be sure

Time is the answer
That would yield
The clock does not stop running
Finding Problems
Blame time
Anything we can
No need to wait
For the brave man
Always the winner

Fear of not knowing anything
Totally her talent
Act wisely
From being talented
Snatching victories
Always can
That is the first gift

If the wings are wet
Can't fly
No one bird
Don't rain on the sky
There is no pleading
Life itself is a struggle
Let’s fight and win

Qualification in life
Rather than the one contained
One who is confident
He is winning

How much trouble
Standing upset
Without wasting time
We can
Hope for the best
The level of success
Can be planted

What if the thousand came
Keep stepping up
Go ahead
Life will live on

See our situation
Shaking hands
Tap to appreciate the hand
Placing a successful life is

As much as we can
Try not to do
Act of thought
Until successful completion
The real effort is to do

On the shoulder
Standing up
Tall himself
Rather than betrayal
Standing alone
Her true height
The best self-reliant

Fear and hesitation
Failure to come
Will remain
Fear and hesitation
Success is at your feet

Wherever you are
Shame on you
There you are
As an inevitable force
Is the formation of
The real success

Looking at the mountain
Don't be upset
If the mountain is over
The mountain at your feet
Try it
Victory is yours too

Desire can be rejected
Ambitions can be ignored
May be lacking in training
Attempt may fail
But tempted
Achieve ambitions
The training you do
To succeed in it
And the effort you make
Not giving up
Not just self-confidence
Don't get lost
Success is at your feet
Forget it

Carve out
Target chisel

The sky is not even high
You have to reach
Will try that
Of your self-confidence

Our growth
Always to prevent
Opposition will come
Resist it
Just struggling
Can come to the fore

Don't waste time
you can
Keep on achieving
In both lives

On the path of the winner
Go soon
Rather than being successful
Create a path
Travel with confidence in it
Surely success is yours
On your way
To follow you
Many are waiting

You can also measure the sky
Not counting
You can count the stars
Unreachable moon
Yeti can be reached
That can
If Vida tries
Crown of the bell
Your vein can endure

When it fails
Without starting
Failure is only temporary
Not permanent
To the extent that it is sustainable
I am not talented
Strive with that effort
Success is permanent for you

You yourself
Don't compare yourself to anyone
Your specialty
If you don't feel yourself
Others know
Is possible

Whatever the reason
Have you been rejected?
Get rid of it
Just a minute
In front of them
Standing upright
Pass over

I can
Having confidence
All man
Help of the next

First try
What is failure
again and again
Keep trying
Failure can be conquered

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