How to download Free Fire Game for JIO Phone?

What is all about Free Fire Game?

Free Fire Game is the ultimate mobile survival shooter game developed by Garena Studios. Every Free Fire game of 10 minutes puts you on a remote island where you're matched against 49 other players, all looking for survival. With their parachute, players freely select their starting point and try to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Free Fire, developed and published by Garena Studios, is a battle royale game. The Free Fire game is available for devices powered by iOS (iPhone), and Android. The video game places 50 players on a remote island where only one winning player emerges.

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Free Fire game: Survival shooter in its original form

Searching for weapons, remaining in the play zone, killing your enemies, and being the last man standing. Go for the airdrops along the way while avoiding airstrikes to gain a slight advantage against other teams.

Free Fire game: 4-man squad

Here you need to develop squads of up to 4 players, and at the very first moment create contact with your squad. Respond to the call for duty and lead your friends to victory, and be the last team at the top.

Free Fire game: Realistic and smooth graphics

Easy to use and smooth graphics promises the best mobile survival experience to help you immortalize your name among the legends.

Free Fire gameplay

Free Fire gameplay has a 10-minute period on an island where one player will be battling their way to survival against 49 other players who are part of the game. When jumping from the airplane using a parachute, every single player can choose their starting point on the island. The goal is to survive and win the game through to the end. 

How to download Free Fire on Jio phone?

If you haven't already completed the installation process, log in to your Google account. After the installation of the Free Fire game is complete, you can install the Free Fire game on your Jio phone as the free fire game download for jio phone users is available now on the play store. You can now start playing the game online and enjoy the Jio handset experience. For the user's reference, we have provided the steps for Free Fire Game Download on Jio Phone. Jio Phone users can follow the steps below and install the Free Fire Game on their Jio Phone.  

  • First, go to the menu and open any browser 

  • Now type Play Store in the search bar and click on the search button

  • Then hit on the Play Store' link and search for the Free fire game download for jio phone 

  • Finally, click on the Garena Free Fire and install the app

What to check if Free Fire Game is not working on Jio phone?

Free Fire Game download is not working on your Jio phone? Don't worry, read the information here, and enjoy playing the Free Fire on your Jio phone. Free Fire Game requires a decent processor and has a minimum of 2 GB RAM requirement and a minimum of 1.1 GB of free space. The SPRD 9820A / QC8905 processor for your Jio phone does not support games that boast high-level graphics, although you may still be able to play the game. To improve the gaming performance on your Jio phone, follow the steps given below.

  1. Make sure your phone doesn't run any application that isn't currently needed in the background. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are also running in the background and taking up much of your RAM along with data required to play Free Fire. This can surely cause your game to lag behind.

  2.  Another reason for a lag might be because your phone may use your background data. You can switch these off while playing the Free Fire Game.

  3. It is also recommended that you always keep some of your storage space empty; at least 10 percent of the total capacity of your phone.

Jio phone users make sure you follow the steps mentioned below when you face a lag while playing the Free Fire Game.

Free Fire Gameplay tips

The Free Fire game also delivers a lot of real-life features for users. It allows you to drive vehicles, displays a map that helps you get wherever you want to. Make sure you stay in the safe zone and don't go outside it to escape elimination and stay much longer in the game. You can also search almost everywhere for a lot of exciting guns, bullets, and armours. You can kill enemies while driving cars, too. You can also use trenches to cover your opponents within the field. Employ these approaches, and you will emerge victorious.

What are the Free Fire Game new features?

  • New Character - Rafael

  • New Rank Tier - Grandmaster

  • RP calculation optimization

  • M79 is now an airdrop only item

  • Added Toxic Zone (Only in Bermuda - Casual)

  • New summer-themed spawn island

  • New item - Gatling Gun

  • New Item - Repair Kit

  • Added Hot zone in Purgat

How to update Free Fire Game to the latest OB21 version?

Free Fire Game users can update the Free Fire to the latest OB21 version by following the steps below. Also, other features in the latest OB21 version is A New Shield Gun - This OB20 update brings a new weapon named 'Shield Gun' to Free Fire players. Literally, this gun has a shield on the muzzle to prevent opponents from coming up with the ammo. If you can't find any cover, it will be very useful. This new weapon has one disadvantage: low output damage, New TeamCode Feature- Similar to room mode in PUBG Mobile, this new feature works. A player will generate a team code for fast creating a squad. Other players can use the code to navigate and join the team. This new feature will allow the players to create a team quickly. By sending him the team code, you can invite a new friend out of your friend's list to join your squad, and New Emote- Also, OB20 's new Free Fire update also has new Emote like I Heart You, The Swan, Aim, Fire!, and Bon Appetit. 

Steps to update Free Fire:

  • First Go to the Google Play Store or iOS app store on your device

  • In the search bar search for Garena Free Fire

  • From the list click on the first result

  • On the screen, you will see an update option

  • Click on the update, it might take longer time based on the internet connection

  • Once the download is complete it takes few minutes to install the update on your phone   

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