Outlander on Netflix, Know about Outlander TV Series Release Date

Outlander Season 1 

Outlander Season 1 consists of 16 Episodes. The first 8 episodes were first released on August 9, 2014, and last released on September 27, 2014. The Outlander Season 1 First episode ''Sassenach" was directed by John Dahl and written by  Ronald D. Moore.

Outlander Season 1Title
Episode 1Sassenach
Episode 2Castle Leoch
Episode 3The Way Out
Episode 4The Gathering
Episode 5Rent
Episode 6The Garrison Commander
Episode 7The Wedding
Episode 8Both Sides Now
Episode 9The Reckoning
Episode 10By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Episode 11The Devil's Mark
Episode 12Lallybroch
Episode 13The Watch
Episode 14The Search
Episode 15Wentworth Prison
Episode 16To Ransom a Man's Soul

Outlander Season 2

Outlander Season 2 consists of 13 Episodes. The Outlander Season 2 was first released on April 9, 2016, and last released on July 9, 2016. Outlander Season 2 First episode "Through a Glass, Darkly" was directed by Metin Huseyin and written by Ronald D. Moore

Outlander Season 2Title
Episode 1Through a Glass, Darkly
Episode 2Not in Scotland Anymore
Episode 3Useful Occupations and Deceptions
Episode 4La Dame Blanche
Episode 5Untimely Resurrection
Episode 6Best Laid Schemes
Episode 7Faith
Episode 8The Fox's Lair
Episode 9Je Suis Prest
Episode 10Prestonpans
Episode 11Vengeance is Mine
Episode 12The Hail Mary
Episode 13Dragonfly in Amber

Outlander Season 3: 

Outlander Season 3 consists of 13 Episodes. The Outlander Season 3 was first released on September 10, 2017, and last released on December 10, 2017. Outlander Season 3 First episode "The Battle Joined " was directed by Brendan Maher and written by Ronald D. Moore

Outlander Season 3Title
Episode 1The Battle Joined
Episode 2Surrender
Episode 3All Debts Paid
Episode 4Of Lost Things
Episode 5Freedom & Whisky
Episode 6A. Malcolm
Episode 7Creme de Menthe
Episode 8First Wife
Episode 9The Doldrums
Episode 10Heaven and Earth
Episode 11Uncharted
Episode 12The Bakra
Episode 13Eye of the Storm

Outlander Season 4: 

Outlander Season 4 consists of 13 Episodes. The Outlander Season 4 was first released on November 4, 2018, and last released on January 27, 2019. Outlander Season 4 First episode "America the Beautiful" was directed by Julian Holmes and written by Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia.

Outlander Season 4Title
Episode 1America the Beautiful
Episode 2Do No Harm
Episode 3The False Bride
Episode 4Common Ground
Episode 5Savages
Episode 6Blood of My Blood
Episode 7Down the Rabbit Hole
Episode 8Wilmington
Episode 9The Birds & The Bees
Episode 10The Deep Heart's Core
Episode 11If Not For Hope
Episode 12Providence
Episode 13Man of Worth

Outlander Season 5: 

Outlander Season 5 consists of 12 Episodes. The Outlander Season 5 was first released on February 16, 2020 and last released on May 10, 2020. Outlander Season 5 First episode "The Fiery Cross" was directed by Stephen Woolfenden and written by Matthew B. Roberts.

Outlander Season 5Title
Episode 1The Fiery Cross
Episode 2Between Two Fires
Episode 3Free Will
Episode 4The Company We Keep
Episode 5Perpetual Adoration
Episode 6Better to Marry Than Burn
Episode 7The Ballad of Roger Mac
Episode 8Famous Last Words
Episode 9Monsters and Heroes
Episode 10Mercy Shall Follow Me
Episode 11Journeycake
Episode 12Never My Love

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